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The novel will be published initially as an eBook. 100% of royalties she receives from book sales will be donated to 501(c)(3) nonprofits to help people in need. Specifically, a local food bank in California, and Wheels for the World, run by Joni and Friends, providing professionally fitted wheelchairs around the world to those faced with a disability.

Book description:
Samantha, a young pathology resident reluctantly enters into the ugly reality of mass graves on Hart Island, New York City. Unknown and unwelcome realities meet her and spins her life into chaos. During this unforgiving time of the pandemic, she meets Dr. David Falkner, a medical examiner and opens the unexpected door in her life. Her personal journey settles with understanding her own identity. Storyline is propelled along a timeline, introducing seemingly unrelated characters connected by shocking, intimate experiences. We empathize and experience romance, racism, tragedy, guilt, heroism, and God. Based upon many actual events and scientific facts, people regain their agency in spite of dramatic events. This gripping and engrossing story largely from a female perspective is never predictable. Medical and scientific facts underpin the narrative and are seamlessly woven into the storyline, as we understand COVID-19 from many perspectives and countries. Written by an internationally recognized breast cancer expert, this breakthrough novel provides the reader confidence in knowing what really happened with COVID-19 and how the race for vaccines is done without getting bogged down in deep science. The author also provides salient information for those with a science or medical background. Dr. Apple has scoured current medical and scientific journal articles and research findings from around the globe to provide a concise and unified understanding for all readers.

Debut eBook novel: Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1: Hart Island March 31, 2020 It was a drizzly and cold rainy day. Samantha was sent to Hart Island for observation during the forensic pathology rotation in her third year of residency. She was dragging her feet as she was asked to report to Hart Island a day early before her rotation started […]

Chapter 2: Dr. Falkner

Samantha took her cell phone out from her purse and looked at it. It had no cell coverage, and no Wi-Fi. She immediately looked at the guard to ask if there was a Wi-Fi connection, but she refrained. She was not sure why she was refraining to ask the question. She got up from the […]

CHAPTER 3: “I need a guy resident!”

Samantha hesitated. She looked at Dr. Falkner to see if he was joking. He was not. She knew part of the job in her pathology residency training was to perform the autopsy. But this was not just an autopsy—it was a COVID-19 case. In fact, all of the bodies the men were bringing in and […]